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Do your husband a favor on Valentines day!

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This post is about my journey from being an infrastructure enthusiast to expert to one of the best wedding photographer India has. Pretty radical shift, yes. But then what has to happen, happens. I remember I started this blog in my fourth year at IIT when I was gearing up to enter the infrastructural developmental sector. Back then, wedding photography as a profession would have been a big joke. So I got placed, started working in the sector and did some pretty good work. By the way, talking about infra, I just remember a funny thing that happened as I was returning from a shoot in Kochi few days back. I had a flight change in Mumbai. While traveling from bus to the terminal, we had to wait for an aircraft to cross our way! I found this very very weird. May be instead of trying to be the best wedding photographer India has, I shall get back to working on how airports should be designed? But then, in all likelihood I might simply suck at that! 😛

journey of best wedding photographer india

The journey to being the best wedding photographer India

Anyhow, so coming back to the journey, after about four years of hard core consulting work, I finally started – my wedding portfolio. The only pictures that I had to begin with were those that I had clicked during some of my friends wedding. But that was enough to land me a professional wedding photography assignment. And I have never had to look back since then. People call me from all over India to shoot their weddings and it is a pretty awesome job. But am I really the best wedding photographer India has? That is a difficult question to answer. This journey is going to be long and till the time international media such as the New York Times does not mention about me and my work, there is a lot to do, a lot to click and lot to share! 🙂

As an ending note, when I had started this infrastructure blog, blogging was booming like anything! I had myself started so many blogs. My personal blog was at blogspot, which then I moved to a dedicated URL but when that went down, I had another wordpress blog running for a while. I am not sure I would find time to come back to infra blogging but till then, do keep in touch with my creative work at ShaadiGraPher.

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Blog has moved

Dear readers,

The blog has moved to


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December 2008 updates – 3

About 42,000 crore would soon find its way into various projects and schemes, mostly to do with different kinds of infrastructure. You might like to read the break-up here. All this money comes from our very own Sarkaar. Talking about sarkaar, it’s worthwhile to talk something about a state-sarkaar in particular, the AP government. [20 Dec update – above amount approved by Lok Sabha]

Andhra-Pradesh Government grounded a holy three thousand eight hundred something crores irrigration project this Wednesday. So now you know how much money it takes to divert 160 TMC of water from the Pranahita river to an area of 12,20,000 acres in the drought-prone areas in the Telangana region. How much of this works, we shall see after four years. But, kuch bhi kaho, AP seems to be so-proactive man! I mean if on one hand, there is this irrigation project, on the other hand it almost seems to have secured about 1,700 crore rupees from some German company, so that it can execute a 1600 Mw thermal power plant! Way to go!

I was happy to read a new outlook on Tourism in the light of this global meltdown, let-down and all kinds of downs. Someone thinks that ‘medical tourism’ in India is bound to benefit from the current crisis and the moment I read this I was like – wow, that’s so true! I mean, crisis or no crisis, people are always concerned about their health. And what better way of getting your health taken care of, than making a trip to India – after all, Indian docs are pretty efficient and charge so much less! That’s pretty much for this post – shall connect later. Take care of  your health and all that! 🙂

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December 2008 updates – 2

Although it doesn’t mean much, but just for statistics sake, infra-growth in India for Oct this year was recorded to be more than 3% higher than what it was in October last year. And now some hard-core stuff.


The first Indian luxury train to have a pan-country presence should commence operations from third quarter of 2009 (will cost about 50 crores). But this whole goddamn thing is supposed to be bloody costly yaar. Whatever!

Nuclear Energy

If you go back to the last to last post (December 2008 Updates – 1 ), the last two lines would read – “Jisko dekho vohi, nuclear power me interest dikha raha hai! Good hai, good hai.” I just thought that I would make something clear about the ‘kind’ of interest I was talking about, especially from private players’ point of view. Private players  haven’t been planning to ‘run’ any Nuclear Power plant as such. I had only been referring to their interest as component suppliers – you know, like supplying techonologies, reactor stuff and all that to government agencies who run the real plants. But now it appears that even operation and management of the Nuclear plants could be passed on, albeit in a phased manner, to these private folks. This I say based on my understanding of the first paragraph of a news report which reads:

Indian private sector companies need not wait for an amendment of the Atomic Energy Act to participate in the development of nuclear power in India. They can well do that within the framework of the existing Act — by joining hands with the public sector Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), says Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission.


In its continuous effort to ensure more and more money for projects, the government is seeing to it that FDI could soon be possible even through Options! Not that money is not already piling up and up – for example this IDFC seems to be in the process of raising $1 billion for an infrastructure focused Project Equity Fund. Anyway, let me just wrap up this post with the this last bit that is nothing but a follow-up news on an earlier report about India trying to double its loan requirement from the WB – the World Bank Group recently seems to have cleared its ‘India Country Strategy 2009-12’ that would mean lending program of $14 billion to India in the next three years.

ONE – the FSP

It’s a funny assemblage of words – fiscal stimulus package (FSP). I am not sure who coined it but whoever assigned 30,700 bloody crore to it did a good job, so what if the indian infrastructure industry is still not satisfied (though the electrical energy people seem to be happy and all that).

Let’s focus on the break-up of this FSP (all figures below in crores)

  1. additional expenditure : 20,000
  2. excise duty cuts              :     8,700
  3. profits to export             :     2,000

Obviously most of the 20,000 crore would be for infra projects but as of now, I couldn’t find how much exactly (and I see that I am not the only one who is not sure of the exact break-up of this additional expenditure thingy).

TWO – the tax-break

Besides a positive impact of this FSP on the infra sector – another step by the Government would prove crucial in sustaining the growth rate of the infra-industry. I am talking about government’s proposal to give a “tax-break” to the India Infrastructure Finance Company (IIFCL) for raising funds in the next couple of months. On financial terms this would mean that IIFCL can raise about 100 bloody billion rupees through these tax-free bonds by end March 2009. Not bad!

Three – faster clearance

In addition, the government hopes to “precipitate infrastructure projects worth Rs 100,000 crore” through faster clearances of public-private partnership projects. In this regard, I would like my readers to note that in the month of November itself, the government seems to have cleared road projects worth about 280,000 crore. Besides that, about 22 new SEZ projects have also been cleared. So, there is something definitely shady about this figure of 100,000 crore target unless Economic Times has messed up the numbers somewhere. Anyway, whatever be the numbers, “faster clearance” in itself is a good news.

All the best to everyone in the infra sector and before I end – id mubarak! May Allaha be with all and bless all and most importantly may Allah never forgive those, who in his name, kill people and destroy infrastructue!

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December 2008 updates – 1

Blasts happened in Mumbai and the after-effects can be felt all the way down in Bang – when did you hear about hotels slashing rates in peak tourist season? Sad. Anyway, it’s time to move on and present some of the latest updates in the Indian infrastructural sector.

In my post – Sailing through Crisis, I had mentioned about Indian government’s efforts towards getting SEZs recognized as a part of core-infrastructure sector.  RBI is still looking into the matter but hopes for a final nod now seem to be high.

In another not so old post titled – “Dedicated funds and more” I had remarked about NHAI’s strategies to retain attractiveness of the good old road projects.  The effort continues and the latest news is a revision in the toll structure – now the toll fee that the private player shall collect will be proportionately linked to cost of construction. And well, if none of these strategies work, NHAI might move on from the BOT model and try out the conventional Annuity stuff.

Few WISE researchers in TN have suggested that the wind energy capacity of the state (currently at 4000 MW) can be increased by 2.5 times – sounds good – should be considered by those running wind-mills. I really see power sector shifting slowly from reliance on coal and hydel-source to wind, solar and nuclear. Talking about nuclear, just like the last post, let this post end too, with an update on the rise of the nuclear power sector. While NTPC’s are joining hands with NPCIL to invest money in generating nuclear energy, Punj Lloyd is considering doing somthing similar too. Jisko dekho vohi, nuclear power me interest dikha raha hai! Good hai, good hai. 🙂

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Elections, Tourism and the rise of Nuclear

State elections almost always bring good news to villagers. AP’s CM is busy distributing funds to gram panchayats – to the tune of 146 crores so that health infrastructure could be boosted up (focus seems to be on clean potable water supply).

I had pointed out earlier how Kerala was expecting a massive fall in number of tourists. Thanks to the the Mumbai terror attacks, the tourism industry (including other sectors in Kerala) has been hit further. In fact, most places where international tourists reach mostly via Mumbai, like say Goa are pained in life.

To end today’s post, let me pick up from what I had to say about Nuclear Power in an earlier post. I was telling you guys about how the big private players across the world have been showing interest in putting their money and technology in this sector in India. As per today’s Business Line, “discussions are on with energy majors such as GE, Westinghouse of the US; Areva of France and Russian majors” for setting up clusters of nuclear power plants in identified ‘Nuclear Parks’ in the country, targeting about 1000 MW. It’s nice to see someone getting ready to tap this opportunity. I sincerely wish that the days of power shortage soon end. I sincerely wish that terror strikes don’t happen again. And I sincerely wish that elections keep coming so that the poor villagers end up getting more gifts, not only in AP but everywhere.

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More on the dedicated fund bit

I had pointed out about the increment in WB lending to India for development project few days ago. In the same post, I had also pointed out about the proposed creation of a dedicated infrastructure fund worth 50 thousand crores (to be used to lend money to those who want to develop infrastructure projects in India). Fresh plans are to ensure that a portion of the extra money (3 billion dollars) that would come from WB – be made a part of this dedicated fund. By the way, dear readers should be told that IDFC and IIFCL are two leading public sector agencies that lend money for Infrastructural Projects in India and the would be the ones, managing this dedicated fund.

That’s all for now and let us all hope that the terrible things happening in Mumbai soon come to an end.

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Comedy in Tourism

Here’s a question – if a union minister says that the growth rate of a particular sector could ‘drop a bit’ – how much drop would you be expecting? 2%? 5%? 10%?

Me talks about the union minister of tourism – Ms Soni who seems to have said publicly that the Indian Tourism sector is not going to be affected too much. Now I was in London last week attending the World Travel Market. Guess which state in India was doing awesomest business – Kerala. So don’t you wanna know what Kerala has to say on the cedit crunch’s affect on the state’s tourism industry? The state expects a holy 20% fall in tourist arrivals in the next two months! Such contrasting remarks from politicians!

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